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Established Over 20 Years


Trim Technology & Services is a modern and integrated provider of soft trim services across a range of markets.   Our key skills are in the cutting, sewing and trimming of a wide range of materials.

Our modern facilities based in Coventry house state-of-the-art facilities combined with the capacity to deliver high volumes as required by our customers.

Our team of experienced craftspeople ensure we can handle a wide variety of projects, including complex designs and products that need to operate in extreme conditions.  Our project management approach means we will work with you on an ‘end-to-end’ basis ensuring your whole project is delivered on time and within budget.

We have invested in equipment to ensure we can deliver products that are made to the highest standards with minimal wastage and within tight timescales.

Our flexible approach means we can tackle high volume projects and one-off innovations concurrently and we welcome both types of project.  In fact, our design team relish working with innovators in developing ways we can bring an exciting idea to market.

Our equipment range includes:

  • Auto tray welding
  • CNC sewing
  • CNC strap and material cutting
  • Hot air welding
  • Roushing
  • Ultrasonic welding