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Established Over 20 Years


Trim Technology & Services manufactures trim and fabric solutions and accessories for the Ministry of Defence and Tier 1 military suppliers.  Products in this sector have to be manufactured to meet the stringent standards set by the Ministry of Defence to ensure durability and reliability in often difficult conditions.  These increasingly demanding requirements involve developing innovative and effective soft trim solutions, a key skill of Trim Technology & Services.

With the relevant quality standards and processes in place, we are an established partner to organisations in this sector.  Working with the Tier 1 specialist vehicle builders supplying the MoD, Trim Technology & Services has an excellent understanding of the specific trim and flexible protection that these vehicles need in difficult theatres of operation.

We have worked with our partners to produce innovative solutions including new composite materials to protect armed personnel from radiation and custom made canvas and PVC canopies for the latest off road vehicles.

Flexibility is the key to success in providing the right solution within the budgetary constraints of the modern armed forces.


Defender Hoods Vehicle Canopy Pinzgaur 4-x-4 Jeep J8 Patrol Vehicle MOD Ashchurch Environment Protection Vehicle WFP Tilt